Bethel & Pike Twp

Monday 11/13

10:23 a.m. To Oaklawn Ave., Medway, for a report of a domestic disturbance. An elderly woman stated that her daughter slapped her in the face. She said she could not find cookies that she had bought and confronted her daughter about it. She said that is when her daughter slapped her. The daughter said that her mother has Alzheimer’s and gets confused about things. She said her mother did ask her about cookies, but nothing else happened. She said that her mother has become very aggressive toward her lately. Another daughter stated that her mother is having memory issues and should be checked by the doctor. The woman agreed to be taken to the hospital to be checked.

4:55 p.m. To the 9500 block of Lower Valley Pike for a report of an accident. A vehicle westbound on Lower Valley went off the left side of the road, struck a mailbox, went through a yard, then went back onto the roadway and left the scene.

Tuesday 11/14

1:31 p.m. A Park Layne man called to report that someone had used his credit card without his permission. He said he checked his account this afternoon and noticed a charge from a reptile supply business in California. He learned that the merchandise was sent to an address in Dayton. He said he was able to cancel the transaction and cancel the card. He was concerned that this suspect may try to ruin his credit.

11:35 p.m. To N. Dayton-Lakeview Rd. for a report of a domestic disturbance. A woman said that she was having medical issues and her boyfriend took her to the hospital. She said that on the way home, her boyfriend became irate because he had to take her to the hospital, causing him to miss his workout at the gym. She said that he was arguing with her and was checking Facebook on his phone while he was driving. She said that when they were north of town, he pushed her against the door and pulled her hair. She said he then took her phone and put it out of her reach so she couldn’t call for help. She said he also bit her hand, leaving bite marks on her palm and blood on her thumb. The boyfriend was charged with domestic violence and assault.

Thursday 11/16

1:14 p.m. To N. church St. for a report of a burglary. A man reported that when he returned home, he found his front door had been damaged and his apartment had been ransacked. He said the only thing missing was his medication. There are no suspects.

Saturday 11/18

8:17 a.m. To W. Jefferson St. for a report of a theft. A man reported that someone took a trailer from his back yard. He said it had a camper frame, tube steel at the top and was all homemade.

2:33 p.m. To Glenapple Dr. for a report of an unwanted guest. A man reported that he wanted a woman to leave the residence. He said that she is a drug addict and a thief and is in possession of a stolen credit card. He produced the card and said that she told him she got it from a guy at a bar. He said that she used it to buy antiques. The deputy called the owner of the card, who said that he lost it about two weeks ago and had it cancelled. HE said he would like to pursue charges against the woman.

9:55 p.m. To Villa Dr. for a report of a theft. A man reported that someone stole a boata motor, a depth finder, a trolling motor and a marine battery from his property.

Sunday 11/19

No Time Given A deputy came across a disabled vehicle. The driver was known to abuse drugs, be violent and is a suspect in a recent stolen vehicle. After arresting him, the deputy looked in his vehicle and saw two torches, that are commonly used to smoke meth, on the front seat. There was a flask in plain view on the back floorboard with a broken pill. A search was begun and yielded an empty syringe and property that belonged to another. The owner of the property was contacted and verified that it was hers. The driver was charged with receiving stolen property.

Tuesday 11/21

9:01 p.m. To the 8400 block of Milton-Carlisle Rd. for a report of a crash. A driver eastbound on Milton-Carlisle Rd. went off the right side of the road, struck a guy wire to a utility pole, causing a power outage. The trooper could smell burnt marijuana coming from the driver. His eyes were red and glassy. The trooper asked him the last time he had smoked marijuana, and the driver looked away stating, “I have not a clue.” There was visible marijuana debris in his teeth. He did not fare well with field sobriety tests, so he was charged with OVI. He had a previous OVI conviction a month earlier. He refused a urine sample. He was also cited for failure to control and driving under suspension.

Friday 11/24

1:01 a.m. To Orth Dr. for a report of a domestic disturbance. The deputy was advised that the female suspect had walked away from the scene. He located her across the street with a neighbor, and she advised that she was trying to get away from her mother and the mother’s boyfriend. She had blood around her mouth and scratch marks on her neck. The mother said that the suspect started arguing with them over anything and everything after Thanksgiving dinner and would not stop. She said that the suspect grabbed her acid reflux pills and tried to swallow a handful and they had to remove them from her mouth. During the struggle, the boyfriend suffered a bite to his left index finger and it was bleeding. The mother suffered a bite to her left forearm that had stopped bleeding. The suspect was charged with two counts of domestic violence and two counts of assault.

Bethel TWp (Miami)

Saturday 11/18

11:27 a.m. Menacing complaint in the 9000 block of S. Mann Road.

12:58 p.m. Accident with no injury reported in the 9200 block of S. State Route 201

Sunday 11/19

12:04 p.m. Telecommunication harassment reported at A and R Reck MHP, 4220 US Route 40.

Monday 11/20

9:23 a.m. Warrant arrest in the 9000 block of Bellefontaine Road. Deputy observed a male and female walking northbound. Deputy knew the female from prior involvements and ran her name through LEADS database. The female showed a felony warrant out of Clark County and confirmed the warrant through dispatch. Deputy made contact with the female, Miranda Lay, and informed her that she had a warrant out of Clark County. She was instructed to place her hands behind her back but Lay attempted to light a cigarette and handed her bag off to the male. Lay was instructed to put down the cigarette and to place her hands behind her back. She continued to state that she wanted to smoke and again was ordered to place her hands behind her back. Deputy was able to grab her right arm and place it behind her back, and while doing so, Lay broke free and started to run southbound. The male attempted to stop her; however, she was able to break free from him as well. The deputy began a foot pursuit and Lay was given verbal commands to stop several times. Several cars passed while Lay continued to run. Deputy was able to catch up to her, apprehended her and placed her into handcuffs. Lay was escorted back to the cruiser and the male subject was gone. A Huber Heights officer responded and searched the area but was unable to find the male. Clark County Deputies responded to the scene and was able to identify the missing male. Lay was taken into custody by Clark County Deputies and transported to the Clark County Jail. Lay was charged with Resisting Arrest by the Miami County deputy

4:05 p.m. Theft not in progress reported in the 5500 block of Studebaker Road. Deputy spoke with victim in reference to stolen property from his mailbox that occurred on November 9, 2017. The victim stated recently the Post Office has been delivering his mail to other residents. The victim did contact the Post Office and they told him to contact the Miami County Sheriff’s Office to report this theft.

5:08 p.m. Disturbance reported in the 6000 block of Wonder Way. Female still lives with her ex-boyfriend and she said he threatened to burn her clothes and lock her out of the house. Female stated the argument was verbal only and no threats were made towards her. Female said she would like to get some clothes so she could leave for the night. The male said the female keeps threatening to move out, but she doesn’t. He said he had seen her parked on Peters road and talking to his buddy. When he got home he locked her out of the house. The female was able to gather some of her clothes and stay with a friend for the night.

5:09 p.m. Disturbance reported in the 6600 block of Ross Road. Boyfriend and girlfriend arguing. This was a verbal only argument, no threats had been made. They agreed to get along for the rest of the night.

Tuesday 11/21

6:26 p.m. Fraud reported in the 9400 block of Bellefontaine Road. An unknown person(s) had used the victim’s personal information to create an online account to his health insurance policy.

Wednesday 11/22

8:58 a.m. Disturbance reported in the 8900 block of S. State Route 202. After investigating the incident, nothing was physical and no arrest was made.