Raymond Barney 26, of New Carlisle, ovi, continued, expired registration, continued, marked lanes, continued.

Jaime M Bowen 37, of Enon, assault, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $5,000, resisting arrest, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $1,000, failure to comply, innocent, continued.

Jamie Bowen 37, of Enon, ovi, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $1,000.00

Timothy B Cline 60, of Enon, possession of drugs, continued, ovi/breath, continued, failure to control, continued.

Calvin L Decker 40, of Medway, ovi, continued, failure to control, continued, display of license plates, continued.

Joseph M Hayden 41, of New Carlisle, domestic violence, innocent, continued, pd apptd, no contact cond of bond, bond $1,000, assault, innocent, continued.

Ashley Hollweg 29, of New Carlisle, child endangering, continued.

Larry David Jenkins Jr 46, of New Carlisle, assembly/poss mfg drugs, innocent, continued, dnq pd, bond $25,000, child endangering, innocent, continued.

Brent A Nelson 33, of New Carlisle, request for bail, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $56,000, dus, continued, pd apptd, bond $1,500, turn and stop signal, continued.

Brent Anthony Nelson 33, of New Carlisle, possession of drugs, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $5,000.00

Jeffrey L Ogilby 55, of Enon, ovi, continued, ovi/breath, continued, fail stop/yield stop sign, continued.

Jeffrey, Ogilby 55, of Enon, dus ovi suspension, continued.

Michelle D Ratliff 42, of Medway, poss of dangerous drugs, continued.

Robert Rouch 34, of New Carlisle, receiving stolen property, innocent, continued, bond $1,000.00

Kurtis D Sadgebury 40, of New Carlisle, unauthorized use vehicle, innocent, continued, pd apptd, bond $5,000.00

Brian S Short 41, of New Carlisle, drug abuse marijuana, continued, ovi, continued, assured clear distance, continued.

Rachel K Stewart 33, of New Carlisle, ovi, guilty, 12 months of DL suspension, 3 days credit for time served, fined $375.00

Brandin Vanderpool 21, of New Carlisle, assault reduced to aggravated menacing, guilty, 6 months of probation, 60 days of jail with 60 days suspended, f/c due 05/14/2018, maintain employment, fined $250.00

Zachary D Walden 24, of New Carlisle, assault, continued.