During the last election Ohio resoundingly said no to the legalization of marihuana. So Ohio settled the matter and said we don’t want to make the drug legal. Not so fast. Our State Legislature has decided that marihuana should be legal to possess for those who use it for medicinal purposes. Maybe I missed something here, but I was under the impression that the citizens expressed their wishes.

Those old time drug addicts I speak with in jail tell me they absolutely agree that marihuana is a gateway drug to bigger and better highs. They also understand the sham of medicinal purposes for the use. Inmates coming into the jail all joke about in how many states that they have had medicinal marihuana cards issued to them. They go to a clinic, claim anxiety issues and are given a medical marihuana card. One inmate remarked while watching the news covering Ohio legalizing it, “I will add Ohio’s card to the other four State Cards I already have.”

Another inmate said how happy he will be to smoke it in front of the cops and blow smoke in their face and they can’t do anything about it. Sure does sound like a good way to reduce anxiety.

When I first started police work back in 1974, the new Ohio Revised Code took possession of marihuana from a crime to a civil violation. Possessing less than 100 grams of marihuana was now a Minor Misdemeanor. No jail time is possible, only a fine and court costs. The same as running a red light or going 12 mph over the speed limit.

I have tried to limit the amount of politics in my columns over the years. But I can’t tolerate the blatant destruction of what once was and should be the greatest government ever to exist. So tell me America, how is burning the flag, hunting and killing police officers, spitting on returning soldiers, banning guns and aborting babies making for a better nation?

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