Greenon’s Montana Hayslip (l) along with Tecumseh’s Audrey Diller and Alina Blunk compete in the hurdle event at the Tecumseh Invitational on Saturday. ANDY GRIMM | PHOTO

It has been over 20 years since Tecumseh has held a track invitational on their own track. But one year after the completion of their track, the Arrows hosted the Tecumseh Invitational on Saturday at Spitzer Stadium.

Nobody seemed to worry much about the weather as it was a chilly spring morning when they started. Tecumseh coach Mark Holbrook was pleased that the time had finally come to reap the benefits of their new track.

“I know from the players perspective, they were excited to win a medal from their own meet,” Holbrook said. “As coaches, we were trying to make sure the junior and seniors do something in their own invite.”

“(Athletic Director) Craig Eier and I wanted to make sure it ran really smooth. We have talked a lot. I know people would enjoy it if it runs smoothly. We have never had to order awards before, we ordered Circle T medallions for the winners.”

The Arrows boys’ team kept the fans in suspense as they stepped into the block for the final race of the day. Tecumseh won the 4x4 relay, and the Arrows group won that event, giving the host team 148 points, two points ahead of second place Shawnee and the meet championship.

Over on the girls’ side, the Arrows won it more convincingly with 208.5 points, over 60 points ahead of their closest competitors.

Tecumseh won the girls’ 3200 with Northwestern fourth. In the boys’ race, the Arrows placed second.

Audrey Diller won the 100 hurdles for the Arrows’ as she ran a 17.31, with Greenon’s Montana Hayslip placing fourth.

Ross Warren also won the boys’ 110 hurdles for the Arrows, as he ran 15.91.

The 100 dash was won by Tecumseh’s Jasmine Hassell in the girls’ race running a 13.02, with teammate Kiya Dennis placing third. In the boys’ race, Greenon’s Derek Brown won the title with 11.65, with Tecumseh’s Kenyon Watson was second and Jonathon Tomaro was third.

Tecumseh also won the girls’ 800 relay, and Greenon was third in the boys’ race.

Finishing second in the girls’ 1600 race was Brooke Hoffman from Tecumseh, with Northwestern freshman Kassidy Carpenter was third and Greenon’s Olivia Blevins fifth. To no surprise, Northwestern’s Justin Prack was the overall champion in the boys’ 1600, with Greenon’s Max Pettit was third.

In the 400 girls relay, Tecumseh placed second, and their boys were third.

Running in the 400 dash was Tecumseh freshman Jaci Rife, and Holbrook said her performance showed what she will be capable of.

“She set the school record in the 400 (1:01.01), and this is just the start,” Holbrook said. “She can really be special here at Tecumseh.” Teammate Hannah Marquette was third. Tecumseh’s Shane Gray was second in the 400 dash, while in the 300 hurdles, Diller won another event for the Arrows. Her teammate Ceria Goin was third and Greenon’s Kaylynn Woolverton was fourth.

Tecumseh won another event as Kylee Mastin was the 800 as she ran 2:33.07, with Hoffman second. Prack won the boys’ race with 2:03.46 with teammate Ryan Cleland second and Tecumseh’s Trent Studebaker third.

Rife came back in the 200, and won with a 27.10. Hassell was second and Northwestern’s Taylor Lewis was third. The Arrows continues to bring home the medals, as Watson won the boys’ 200, with Greenon’s Brown was second.

The 3200 girls’ race, Carpenter was second as the Northwestern freshman with 12:49.93, and the Tecumseh duo of Gena Diller and Natalie Allen was third and fourth. For the boys’, Pettit was third for Greenon.

Finally in the girls 4x4, Tecumseh took home the gold, while they also won the meet-deciding event for the boys’.
The field events saw Hassell take second in the high jump with Northwestern’s Stephanie White was third. Tecumseh’s Zack Nabil was second in the boys’ event, while in the long jump, Hassell again finished second, with Greenon’s Brown winning the boys’ long jump. His teammate Zach Adkins was third.

Tecumseh threw the discus well, as Aurora Miller took home first with a toss of 84’5”, with Samantha Johnson was third. Greenon’s Keri Kertesz was second. Adam Reidinger won the boys’ toss as the Northwestern thrower was at 137’4”.

In the girls’ shot, Kertesz was second and Tecumseh’s Samantha Johnson was third, while in the shot, Reidinger was first and Blake Jamison of Greenon second.

“We had to put in our shot put pit in before the event, and Dan Kimmey gets all the credit for that,” Holbrook said. “He got the measurements down, dug up the dirt, put in the gravel and it adds to the facility.”

Finally in the pole vault, Tecumseh’s Faith Legg was third, and the Arrows’ Simon Herbert took home first overall, with Cameron Algren of Greenon finishing second.

Tecumseh and Greenon will be participating in the invitational at Shawnee High School tomorrow, starting at 4:45.

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