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The Ohio Crush comes up with a huge win against the Ohio Broncos 40-12 Saturday afternoon.

Crush defensive coordinator Nick Wilke praises his team’s overall play.

“Our offense showed up big. We had a few situations defensively where we made mistakes, had a couple key penalties to put them in scoring position. I’d say this is the first game where we’ve paid up to our expectations.”

In the first quarter, the Crush couldn’t move the ball on the first possession and were forced to punt.

On the Broncos first offensive possession, they were able to move the ball against the Crush defense.

The Crush defense had two costly penalties called that would eventually place the Broncos into scoring position.

The Broncos manage to get into inside the 10-yard line and score first, making the score 6-0.

On the Crush ensuing drive, quarterback Jon Mason and running back Tristan Murray led the Crush downfield.

Murray ripped off a huge run to put the Crush in scoring position inside the 10-yard line.

On the next play, Murray scored from the 8-yard line and puts the Crush up 7-6 with 2:24 left in the first quarter.

Early in the second quarter, Crush defensive back Diante Quinn grabs an interception and returns it to the Broncos 26-yard line.

The Crush offense pushes the ball up the field and gets a defensive pass interference call which placed them inside the 5-yard line.

On a fourth and goal attempt, quarterback Mason punches it into the end zone, increasing the lead 14-6.

Later in the second quarter, Mason and receiver Vance Taylor connect for a touchdown with 1:53 and they would connect again for the second time as time expired.

The Crush led 27-6 going into halftime.

After halftime, the Broncos were able to score on what should’ve been a three and out due to a Crush penalty.

The score was 27-12 with 9:31 in the third quarter.

Later, Mason throws an interception but the Broncos couldn’t capitalize off the Crush turnover.

The Crush defense took over the game for the remainder of the game.

Coach Wilke talks about how well the defense performed.

“Overall they have some good athletes. We made some adjustments late in the game to slow up to what they were doing. I picked up the rotation a bit to get some guys some breaks because it was hot and I think it helped. Everybody stepped up and it was a total team effort.”

In the fourth quarter, the Crush continued to add on the points and eventually leading up to Mason and Taylor linking up for their third touchdown of the game.

The Crush goes on to win the game 40-12 and remain a perfect 7-0.

On June 25th, the Crush will face the Mt. Vernon Militia at Raynor Park.

Game time is at 4pm.

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