As time goes by, events and people of the past fall in the backdrop and are often forgotten.

Occasionally, a story from the past surfaces at the right time to be brought back into the public conscience. This is one of those stories that has sadly fallen into the cracks of time.

On September 21, 1898, a young girl named Florence Alther was riding on a wagon filled with lumber next to several other children. As the wagon was moving up Water Street (now Pike Street next to the Methodist Church) the children jumped off one by one. Florence was the last one to jump.

According to reports she must have fallen or slipped and was run over by the back wheels of the wagon. She died within minutes of the incident.

This event happened 120 years ago this Friday. In remembrance of Florence, there will be a special gathering at her grave site. Pastor Andrew Wright of the Church of the Brethren will lead a prayer at the New Carlisle Cemetery at 7:00 p.m. on Friday.

If you wish to attend, please enter on the north entrance to the cemetery. The grave is near the Civil War monument at the back of the cemetery.

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