The Wot-a-Dog root beer stand popular for decades in New Carlisle opened under new ownership on Monday, March 5 with a busy lunch hour. Stephen Prechtl and his wife purchased the traditional car hop restaurant last year and have worked with the original recipes that were so popular with customers in the past.

We caught up with several customers who either knew about the delicious hot dogs of the past or decided to give the new owner a chance.

The burgers are fresh and that makes a difference in quality according to some of the customers. Beth and Shannon said that they decided to stop by because it was good to have a new option for lunch in town.

Terry works nearby and had stopped when the restaurant was open last year to see if the new owners had improved the menu.

Jennifer came with her daughter Chelsea to see if the original owner’s recipes were indeed back on the menu. She noted that the foot was “great” when the first owner was in business. The wait was a little long on the first day of business, but not one seemed to be upset. Chelsea noted that she hoped that the new fresh burgers would offer local residents and employees a place to stop for lunch. “It is nice to have options” she said.

One of the main comments was that Prechtl had adults serving the guests in the parking lot because they were familiar with the root beer stand and car hop concept.

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