The Bethel Township Trustees of Clark County met Tuesday, August 25 in regular session to discuss township issues.

During the citizen comment portion of the meeting, a resident spoke about her concerns for a boy who had been hit by a truck in Crystal Lakes several weeks back, saying she believed that the driver of the truck had run the stop sign and struck the child. Fire Chief Jacob King pointed out to her that the boy was the one who ran the stop sign and hit the truck. She also expressed concern for children on all-terrain vehicles driving over the roadways in Crystal Lakes, and said that a four-way stop sign needed to be erected at the intersection of Tulip and Beach.

The trustees moved swiftly through the agenda at Tuesday night’s meeting, approving the following resolutions and motions:

-37 Weinland was declared a nuisance property.

-$1,640 will be paid to Reese Roofing on a then-and-now basis for repairs to the garage roof on West National Road.

-The nuisance abatement costs were assessed for the following properties:

37 Weinland, 3162 Lake, 1124 Fyffe, 505 Stratmore, 1006 Campbell, 17 Laurel, 170 Weinland, 1256 Chalet, 38 Oak, 884 Aspen, 12 :Laurel, 155 Elm, 730 McAdams, 1201 Frayne, 539 Winchester.

-Trustees joined the Cooperative Purchasing Program (road salt) for a fee of $100.

-Streetlight assessments were approved, and will begin January 1 in the respective amounts for different neighborhoods as follows: Park Layne--$14; Medway--$22.75; Dale Ridge--$36.94; Oakridge--$63.86.

-Payment was approved to the State of Ohio for MARCS radio service for fiscal year 2016 at a cost of $2,820 per quarter.

-Payment was approved to National Hose Testing in the amount of $2,943 for fire department hose and ladder testing services.

The Bethel Township Board of Trustees meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Bethel Township Fire Station, located at 3333 Lake Road. The public is always welcome.

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