City Manager Randy Bridge reported to New Carlisle Council on Monday evening that the short list of candidates for city fire chief has been decided. Bridge shared a list of 23 men and one woman who applied for the position.

Among the three finalists is former New Carlisle Chief Tracy Young. Young left the city department to head the Enon/Mad River Township Fire and EMS Department. The two other candidates also have ties to the department. Steven Trusty and Ron Grout round out the top candidates that Bridge announced. He noted that there may be a couple of additional names in the mix as the city prepares for open interviews at their November 16th meeting.{mprestriction ids="1"}

Council member Rick Lowrey asked Bridge about one candidate and then went on to state that he did not believe that anyone with current or previous connections to the New Carlisle department should be considered for the position of chief. Lowrey noted the problems that the department and city encountered by promoting from within in the selection of Bradley Phillips. Lowrey stated that he wants a “new person” and suggest that Bridge reconsider the final interview candidates.

The residents of New Carlisle will have the opportunity to review the resumes of the final candidates at the meeting on November 16th. The Meet and Greet is scheduled for the later part of the public meeting. The candidates will be present and will be taking questions from the audience.

Also at the November 16 meeting, Bridge will provide council with the steps required to sell the parcels owned by the city in the Twin Creeks subdivision. Bridge reported that there is interest in some of the lots and he will be meeting with the county prosecutor’s office this week to finalize all questions and necessary steps to proceed with sales. Rick Lowrey reported that a meeting of the Homeowners Association is being planned to discuss ending the association for the subdivision. He recommended that Bridge inquire and represent the city interest at the meeting in regards to the unsold parcels.

Bridge reported that the city will be entering into negotiations with the Clark County Sheriff for the deputies assigned to the city contract. When asked, Bridge stated that the contract is up at the end of December.

The city will also be entering into union negotiations with city employees who are represented by a union before the end of the year.

Resident Ronald Cobb reported a number of concerns for the sidewalks that are in disrepair. He explained that he witnessed several children, scooters and wheelchairs experienced problems with broken concrete along Clay and Smith Streets during Trick or Treat Saturday evening.

Bridge stated that he plans to renew the sidewalk inspections next year. He noted that the city employees must walk the neighborhoods to document the needed repairs.

In the city of New Carlisle, property owners are responsible for sidewalk repair and replacement. It was noted that residents do run the risk of potential problems as the sidewalks are a liability should someone become injured.

Should residents elect not to repair the sidewalks, the city does have the option of making repairs and assessing property tax bills however this is not the preferred method.

Questions were also raised from the audience concerning the cost of the new backhoe purchased by the city. The amount of $100,000 used from the “enterprise funds” was questioned. Bridge stated that these funds can only be used for equipment and that the old equipment was in such bad shape, it was a liability to the city and dangerous for use by employees. He noted that the new equipment should be in operation for 20 – 30 years.

Mayor McGlothlin explained that council did take into consideration the various problems with the machinery and elected to purchase a new piece of heavy duty equipment. The old backhoe is currently being used to “push” materials at the water treatment plant according to Howard Kitko.

Questions were raised about Belle Manor and whether or not it would become another Madison School. Bridge and members of council noted that Madison School was purchased by a previous city manager and that the council members currently serving did not participate in the decision making process.

Bridge noted that Belle Manor will need minimal updates to the interior and will need upgrades in IT equipment prior to the city moving into the building. He noted that the building will be donated to the city and will not be another drain on the budget.

Currently the city is paying approximately $1,900 per month to rent the current city office space. Bridge estimates that the city may actually be able to entice other county agencies to rent space in the new facility when the offices move to Belle Manor.

Rick Lowrey assured residents that the Belle Manor building has been updated recently and has electrical upgrades and may need some cosmetic updates inside.

Residents concerned about street repairs were assured by Howard Kitko that a rotation of streets is in the planning with the hope of repairs to Edgebrook in 2016. The current street levy brings about $140,000 to the city each year and the hope is to have a regular rotation of repairs and replacements. “There are other streets in the city that may qualify for grant funds” said Kitko.

The regular meeting of the Crime Watch group will be held on November 11 at 6:30. Residents are encouraged to attend.

The New Carlisle Council meets on the first and third Monday each month at the Smith Shelter House beginning at 7 pm.{/mprestriction}

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