New Carlisle City Council held a special meeting on Tuesday (October 3) to pass an ordinance allowing the City to spend tax dollars for political purposes.

A Political Action Committee has been formed to push for the defeat of Issue 4 on the November Ballot – the Tax Credit Referendum.

If the referendum passes, city residents who pay income taxes where they work will receive credit for those taxes on their New Carlisle income tax. The city has stated that it would lose 60% of its revenue if the referendum passes.

The ordinance allows the city to spend public funds “to advocate the City’s position and to educate its citizens on the City’s position on levy’s (sic), petitions, referenda, bonds and other issues not in violation of any law.” There is a cap of $5,000 per issue that the city can spend.

Bridge explained that the PAC has just received its Federal Tax ID number, and is in the process of opening bank accounts. “We’re here to address the short-term needs of the PAC,” said Bridge.

He said that the PAC will accept donations from the community, and that donations will be used in lieu of city funds.

“Any unused funds could be donated to a charity,” said Bridge. “We have plenty of fine charities in town.”

This ordinance will also cover any issue in the future that the city believes is in its best interest.

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