DSC 0089New Carlisle City Manager Randy Bridge informed City Council that the city has the long-sought deeds to the Twin Creeks properties. He said that they are currently at the Recorder’s office but are expected to be in the City’s possession within a few days.

Bridge said that before the lots are sold, he would have to do some research on the State’s Revitalization code. “I don’t want to sell them, and then six months later have the county tell us we did something wrong.” He said he is making appointments with the Prosecutor’s office and others to learn more about the law.

Once all of the legalities are squared away, the 25 lots will be offered for sale.

Former City Manager Kim Jones previously told council that she had been working with a potential buyer for all of the lots, but since the legal paperwork was not done properly, the properties could not be sold. Bridge said that he plans to renew discussions with that potential buyer.

The city has been paying over $80,000 annually to cover the bond that the City co-signed for the development. “That’s almost enough to pay another deputy,” said Bridge at a meeting with the New Carlisle News.

One of the lots has already been sold for $6,700.

Mayor McGlothin expressed reservations about the expected revenue from the lots. “Even if we sell all of the lots, it still will not cover what we owe,” he said.

Bridge also said that the City is in the midst of unprecedented economic development. “Vancrest (Dayview Care Center) is investing $5 million in their facility, Speedway is investing $3 million, Autozone and others are investing in the community,” he said. He checked through planning records and has not seen so much economic development at one time in the City’s recent history. “People don’t invest millions in a dead city,” said Bridge.

Bridge also said that he has been in contact with Trostel Chapman Funeral Home as a prospective polling location. He said that he has been in contact with Anne Dunbar, one of the owners of the business, and she has agreed to allow the home as a polling location.

“The Elections Board sent people into town looking for a suitable location,” said Mayor McGlothin. “At first Trostel Chapman said no. We’ve been very disappointed in the way this has been handled.”

Council Member Bill McIntire noted that there was no prior notification to the City by the Elections Board. “They just did this without letting us know.”

Bridge said that the main sticking point is the Americans with Disabilities Act. “They’re being sticklers on following the law to the letter,” he said.

McGlothin said that even if the Elections Board would approve the funeral home as a polling location, it is too late for this year’s election. The current polling location for the city is Tecumseh High School.

Tecumseh Schools had told the Elections Board that they could no longer use New Carlisle Elementary as a polling location citing security concerns. “They had voters walking down the same hallways as students,” said Bridge. “It was a definite security issue for the kids.”

Bridge noted that the Elementary School had no separate entrance to the gymnasium, whereas the High School does.

Bridge also reported that he had heard from the County Prosecutor’s office regarding their Clark County Security Camera Registration Program. Under this program, property owners with security cameras on their property register their cameras. If there is a break-in or other criminal activity, the deputy can pull up the Camera Registry App on his cell phone and find if a nearby camera would have captured the activity. “This program does not give anyone access to your cameras,” said Bridge. “It just lets law enforcement know where cameras are so they can contact the owners to see if they caught any criminal activity.”

Enrollment forms are available at the Prosecutor’s office in Springfield.

Bridge also stated that he has put the Citizens On Patrol Program on a temporary hold. The program puts well-trained citizen volunteers in a position to be extra eyes and ears for the Sheriff’s Department.

He cited two reasons for his decision. First, he wanted to see how the Police Levy money comes in. “We have to be very judicious in our spending,” he said. “I want to make sure money is available for the program before we commit to it.”

His second reason was his upcoming negotiations with the Sheriff’s Office on renewal of their contract for police protection.

The next meeting of the New Carlisle City Council will be on Monday, November 2 at 7:00 p.m. at the Smith Park Shelterhouse. The public is invited to attend.

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