City Manager Randy Bridge informed New Carlisle City Council at their meeting last Monday that he has met with the City’s legal representative, and recommends having a new Phase 1 Environmental Study and an Asbestos Study completed.

Local author, Janet Lee Robinson, knows a thing or two about friendship and how the changes in life can affect them.

Brand-new New Carlisle City Council appointee, Jim Leathley, says he is both “honored and excited” at the prospect of serving the city’s citizens for the next three years as a city council member.

Aaron Leighty is ready to roll up his sleeves get busy serving New Carlisle residents as the city’s newly-minted city councilman.

Aaron Leighty was appointed to New Carlisle City Council to fill the seat vacated by Lowell McGlothin.

Services provided by Waste Management was the major topic of discussion at the last New Carlisle City Council meeting.

New Carlisle City Council members appointed Jim Leathley to replace council member Bill McIntire, who resigned after moving out of the city.

Change came to Clark County on November 8, 2016 and with it came a new political address for former New Carlisle Mayor and now council member Lowell McGlothin.

Although beautiful, autumn brings with it a whole mess of dead leaves that need to be raked, piled, and disposed of.

City Manager Randy Bridge informed New Carlisle City Council at their meeting on Monday that Belle Manor is ready to move patients to Dayview and wants to be out by the end of the year.

New Carlisle City Council member Bill McIntire has resigned from council.

The City will be providing free leaf pick-up this fall.