I’ve come to believe it is spring, for this morning a robin sat atop the garden gate.

The spring season brings a ‘FEVER” to do some planting in our yards and gardens.

For the past year and a half Family and Youth Initiatives has been encouraging adults to be mentors.

Kyha is an approx 2-3 year old pit mix who weighs 40 pounds.

Time and time again I have heard, “You know you have driven after having drunk too much, what right do you have to arrest me for it.

As you know, we are having a very early spring and this weather is pushing the dates forward to get busy in the yard and garden.

This is about land.

Our landscapes are changing.

A tiny news piece came across my desk the same day a photograph of a horse was given to me.

Memphis is an approx 5 year old pit mix who weighs 75 pounds.

It is hopefully going to be spring soon, and it is time for cleaning out all the clutter from the winter.